Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Interested in Volunteering with Hampshire Children's Services?

Are you interested in supporting vulnerable young people to reach their goals?

We are looking for male and female mentors throughout Hampshire to provide independent support and mentoring.

This will include face to face meetings, supporting them to attend activities and telephone support. A crucial aspect of the role is to have the ability to build a positive relationship to allow them to feel listened to and supported.

The role of mentors has become increasing important in sustaining the progress made by young people. We are seeking volunteers, who are able to:

  • ·         Build and maintain positive relationships with young people
  • ·         Have the ability to listen
  • ·         Remain calm and impartial
  • ·         Work in a non- judgemental way.

Young people may have a range of professionals working with them. It is recognised that having someone independent who is impartial to talk too and offer support can make a difference to their self esteem and engagement – whilst supporting the role of the social worker to their working needs.

Have you got a spare hour a week to support a young person in achieving more?

If you can help or you want to find out more, please email the Innovation Fund Team on 

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